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 Take Steel Magnolias and stir in a little Sex and the City, and, then there’s that pesky little murder.  In this racy hilarious story set in the deep south,  imagine if you’re one of two long time best friends. There’s a missing body, an old high school boyfriend,  you know the one you so wish you had been a bad girl with?  He is now the chief homicide investigator!  And, then there’s your straight laced lawyer husband. Your longtime BFF.... is the person of interest! You’re her lawyer. Now, you’ve got one big murder mystery on your hands. And your in the middle of it!  Mix in a crazy old lady, who is nearly 80 but still thinks and acts like she’s 20 and she just happens to be your grandmother!  Throw in a straight up skank ho who is the local TV reporter, your number one arch rival since childhood and oh yeah… she’s your step sister and this saucy southern comedy murder mystery gets even funnier and more unpredictable.  All of them are on the trail to find the dead body, who is your estranged brother-in-law. Along the way they have a couple of unexpected affairs, find a lipstick stained cigarette butt, and a stack of hidden letters in grandmother’s closet.   
As steamy as an Alabama summer, and full of surprises and laugh out loud comedy, not since Steel Magnolias have we fallen in love with five strong, hilarious, smart, Southern women. A character driven slice of life story, bathed in the rich texture of the deep south, it will have you hooked from page one!


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